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How do you handle problems?

(This is part of the Wednesday Inspiration series, a weekly email sent out from New Spirit Publisher Krysta Gibson to New Spirit’s online subscribers. Subscribe here)

As long as we’re alive, we’ll have situations with which to deal. Here’s some tips for handling situations you’re calling problems.

  1. Change how you see the situation. Instead of seeing it as a problem to be solved, see it as a challenge or opportunity, as a way for you to grow and become a stronger person. This shift in your attitude can create the opening you need to move forward.
  2. Pray and meditate for guidance. Once you ask for guidance, stay open and aware to all possible signs and signals, even those that seem to come from unusual sources. Pay attention to dreams and “coincidences.” When guidance comes, write or record it.
  3. Don’t discuss your situation with people unless they are directly involved in the solution. Talking about your challenge with anybody and everybody only holds it in place and doesn’t allow it to morph into something new and more productive for you. Words have power. Use them wisely.
  4. Using your guidance, research the best way to embrace and then to move beyond the challenge. Make a plan for dealing with it. This step could involve talking to a counselor, minister, or coach in order to get some sort of professional input. It could mean using certain metaphysical tools, attending a class, or studying a particular book.
  5. Commit to the plan you make. Once you set your plan in motion, follow through on it. Don’t let yourself go in several directions at one time. Give your plan a chance to work.
  6. Be detached from the results. Once you have done all of the above, release it. Let go and let God. Do your best and leave the rest. There are many ways to describe this step. Basically, it means being aware that you don’t see the entire picture of what is going on. All you can do is your best and then trust the Universe to take care of it. After all, if the Universe can make the sun shine every day, surely She can handle our little blips on the screen of life. We only need to cooperate by doing our part!