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Drive Time Done Different

An Interview With Brenda Michaels & Rob Spears

Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears have co-hosted the Conscious Talk radio show on KKNW for the past 11 years. They share many healthy attitudes and lifestyles which serves them well in their living and working together 24/7.

by Krysta Gibson

Theirs have been welcoming, energizing, and comforting voices on the radio airwaves for the past 11 years. Many commuters in the Seattle area set the tone for their day by listening to Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears on the Conscious Talk radio program. During a recent interview with them, I asked questions some listeners had on their minds.

Krysta: What is it like for the two of you to live and work together 24/7?

Brenda: It is phenomenal. We like each other a lot and work together extremely well. We had our astrological chart done and our compatibility rating was very high. We have a lot of the same likes and dislikes in the way we choose to live our lives.

Rob is a very structural person with a great business mind, and he’s very creative. I am also very creative but I am the promoter. We make a good team that way. Without his structure and business sense, I could be lost.

Rob: We are committed to seeing our relationship as a mirror of our interior landscapes. By practicing in other relationships, we’ve learned that what is going on in our world is literally an outpicturing of what’s going on with us. So we realize that when something bugs us about the other, it’s something unresolved and personal that bugs us and it is being called forth in the personage of our partner.

Brenda: It’s about taking personal responsibility for those parts of yourself instead of projecting onto your partner.

Krysta: I like what you said about practicing in other relationships. So often people look at prior relationships as failures. You said it so beautifully. Once you integrate what happened in a relationship, turn it into “That was practice.”

Brenda: And it is good for people to know that although we say the relationship works, we also work at it. We do stumble and fall and have to pick ourselves up and remind each other. We do that constantly. We own our stuff.

Krysta: What have been the greatest challenges with your radio show?

Brenda: We created a commercial show with a broader audience and we’re dependent on advertising dollars that come and go. That is a natural flow. The economy is up and down so keeping the flow as steady as you can is the biggest challenge. We don’t have the major sponsors because not as many people are conscious. Our goal in being the morning show was to offer a different note for people’s day so they could wake up to a positive tone.

Krysta: And you do it well. How do you deal with the concept of competition? There are so many radio programs and these days just about anyone can have a show on the Internet.

Rob: Our attitude, which we adopted some time ago, is to bake more pies. Instead of seeing one pie everyone has to share, we look at it as everyone baking more pies. Instead of looking at it in a limited point of view, we say the more this sort of information is available, the more people get involved. We had faith that the quality of what we put out was good enough we would get a portion of this audience and it would be enough. We went in that direction and that has helped us. Some have come into the marketplace without thinking through the business model and they have helped stunt the growth of the marketplace by being unrealistic.

Brenda: We try to live with an attitude of abundance. There is enough to go around. Culturally, society hasn’t accepted this. Society says we have to get our piece of the pie before others do. We don’t believe this. We each play our part and this is the part we are playing. We come from that attitude and belief. Sure, there are days we get discouraged and sometimes we stumble. But we recover very quickly. We’re not perfect but it is what we choose each day: to live in a spirit of cooperation. We support other shows. Why wouldn’t we?

Krysta: What are your favorite spiritual practices?

Brenda: One of my practices that has come more to the foreground is to live in a heart-centered way. When I meditate, a good deal of my time is opening and expanding my heart chakra and deepening in that place. This makes me more vulnerable but strength, compassion, and wisdom are there as well. Being authentically yourself is a big step and is one of my main practices.

Rob: I explore a lot of possibilities of healing. While going through cancer, I discovered I am a natural healer. I have the ability to move energy. I discovered if I can’t do it in myself, I can’t do it with others. I am constantly expanding and looking at the modalities.

Krysta: You are both cancer survivors. What do you think is most important for people to stay healthy or to return to good health?

Brenda: They need to go inward and connect with that part of themselves that knows, the body’s self-healing mechanism. The body self-heals all the time. What impedes it is our erroneous beliefs, fears, and unwillingness to be open and vulnerable and look for other ways that might work. We are co-creators of our own reality; we believe this wholeheartedly. We have part of the whole God within us and we have the ability to be magical pieces of wisdom.

During my third bout with cancer, I learned I had to be willing to shift my consciousness. The doctors wanted me to take a particular type of chemo without which they said I might live a year.

But my inner voice rose above the chatter and it said not to do this treatment and I followed the inner voice. I shifted from fighting cancer to focusing on reclaiming my health. That was my shift in perception. I perceived the disease as something I could learn from and I wanted to reclaim my health. All my intention went in this new direction and this shift opened up a new place to heal.

Rob: Wellness is a holistic approach and we have to look at everything: mind, spirit, and emotion. When it comes down to it, the most important is the spiritual and that is the base. Everything follows from there and our energetic way supports that. As above, so below. Things exist in the field and what is the field? Consciousness. Where and how you plug in makes the total difference.

Brenda: In the healing work we do we help people move into emotions such as fear, anger, rage, and hopelessness to uncover those emotions, clear them and embrace them rather than resist which is what keeps them alive and well. Once we clear the emotions, then their perception can change.

Rob: We help them to take the symptoms and understand that they are a communication. This is the beginning point rather than the end.

In addition to their radio show, Rob and Brenda have an interactive online community. On the last Tuesday of the month they give webinars and go deeper into these concepts. Go to for show times and to sign up for the community. Listen to this entire interview in the audio section.