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New Spirit Journal Audio Library

Nancy Rebecca, Intuitive MindNancy Rebecca, Intuitive Mind

Nancy Rebecca is psychic, a healer, and has been initiated into the Zulu Sangoma Community in Africa. In this interview with Krysta Gibson of New Spirit Journal, Nancy explains her psychic mastery program, energy healing, and explains her unusual initiation into the Zulu healing community. (23 minutes)

 MP3 version

Neale-Donald-WalschGet to know Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the bestselling Conversations with God book series discusses his newest book in this insightful and inspiring conversation with Krysta Gibson, publisher of New Spirit Journal. 

God’s Message to the World, You’ve Got Me All Wrong discusses 17 statements about God that humans have all wrong. Neale and Krysta talk about a few of these as well as about how to live your purpose in life. (25 minutes)

Neale will be in Seattle January 23 and 24, 2015 at an event co-sponsored by East West Bookshop and the Center for Spiritual Living. Tickets from Brown Paper Tickets

MP3 version

Lanz-AmarieDavid Lanz and Kristin Amarie

David Lanz, well-known Grammy-nominated pianist and composer, and his partner Kristin Amarie have just released their Christmas album and will be performing in the Seattle area this week.

In this interview with Krysta Gibson, they discuss how the album came to be, and how they make the beautiful music they do! (20 minutes) and

MP3 version

New Spirit Journal - Eben AlexanderEben Alexander
Neuroscientist and Author

Dr. Eben Alexander, neuroscientist and author of the highly popular book Proof of Heaven (over two and a half million copies sold) has released his second book, Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People are Proving the Afterlife (Simon & Schuster).

In this conversation with NSJ Publisher Krysta Gibson, he talks about the after effects of his first book, what science is beginning to discover about consciousness and how we can bring these teachings into everyday life (20 minutes).

Dr. Alexander will be in Seattle November 19 and 20 (details at 

MP3 version

New Spirit Journal - Deva Premal and MitenDeva Premal and Miten

Much-loved musicians Deva Premal and Miten will be in Seattle September 16, 2014 on their Mantras for Life Tour. In this interview they talk about their new album, some of the chants chosen, as well as their experiences in Russia and the Ukraine. (15 minutes) For ticket information, go to

  MP3 version

The Gift of Cancer


Brenda Michaels and Marsha Mercant

Brenda and Marsha explain how the book, The Gift of Cancer, was written and details Brenda’s three-time cancer survivorship experiences. Inspirational, deep, and amazing, Brenda’s story is sure to be one you want to hear. (31 minutes)

  MP3 version

New Spirit Journal - Zach and HaileyZach Abbey 
Hailey Anderson
Ananda Farms

Zach Abbey and Hailey Anderson have followed their hearts and bliss to become farmers at Ananda Farms on Camano Island, Washington. Listen to their inspiring story as they share how they left the worlds of finance and university to live in the world of lettuce and lavender. (21 minutes)

  MP3 version


Trisha Mahi - New Spirit JournalTrisha Mahi

Trisha is a medium which means she talks to dead people. Find out how she discovered she has this gift, what happens when she makes contact, and some of the situations she has encountered.  (17 minutes)

  MP3 version


Krishna-DasKrishna Das
Yoga’s “Rock Star”

Krishna Das has just recorded his 14th album Kirtan Wallah. He has been leading chants since 1994 and in this interview he talks about how he hears melodies, what chanting is and how it is a spiritual practice as well as sharing how he views his work and success – with some inspiration for others who want to live their dreams. He will be in Seattle June 28, 2014.  (22 minutes)

  MP3 version

Amethyst Bio-MatWendy Mae
Amethyst Bio-Mat Distributor

In addition to being certified in both Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology techniques, Wendy Mae has been a distributor for the Amethyst Bio-Mat since 2009. In this interview she described what the Bio-Mat is, what it does,and how people are using it for enhanced health and well-being. (15 minutes)

  MP3 version

Dari Lewis, LMPDari Lewis, LMP
Owner, Ananda Massage Training

Ananda Massage Training offers everything you need to become a massage therapist. LIsten as Dari Lewis, owner, talks about her background, why she started the school, and how you can go about becoming a massage therapist or getting your Washington State license if you are relocating here. (20 minutes).

  MP3 version

New Spirit Journal interview: Dr. Craig Weiner and Alina FrankDr. Craig Weiner and Alina Frank
EFT Practitioners and Trainers

What is EFT and Tapping? Maybe you’re heard about this healing technique and wonder what it is all about. In the audio Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner explain the technique, how it works, and the benefits. (23 minutes)

MP3 version

EastWestEast West Bookshop
6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

East West Bookshop in Seattle, Washington celebrates its 25th anniversary March 2, 2014. This store is a destination point for thousands of spiritual seekers. In this interview Krysta Gibson visits with some of the people involved in the early days as well as those currently involved. They give the history of the store as well as some wonderful tips and ideas for other spiritually-minded business people. (45 Minutes)

       MP3 version

Lisa Crunick - New Spirit Journal interviewLisa Crunick
Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner

Listen in as Lisa explains what hypnotherapy and EFT are and how these techniques have helped people make substantial changes in their lives. From helping children to soldiers, Lisa explains how powerful hypnotherapy and EFT can be. (24 minutes)

       MP3 version

Jeff AlexanderDr. Jeff Alexander
Founder of Warrior Spirit Programs

Listen in as Jeff Alexander gives an overview of his life which has included being a fighter, a dentist, a businessman, and a teacher who helps people learn to deal with their fears and build the life they want. He offers his popular Leap of Faith program around the country and the world. (34 Minutes)

       MP3 version

Chellie-CampbellChellie Campbell
Financial Teacher and Author

If the word money perks up your ears, you’ll want to listen to this interview with Chellie Campbell and Krysta Gibson where they talk about money and spirituality, how playing poker has given Chellie some great lessons about life and business, and what the word zillionnaire means! (20 minutes)

       MP3 version

David Eby
Musician, Teacher, Producer, Actor

Listen in as Ronan Bennett and David Eby talk about David’s transition from musician to music producer for the movie Finding Happiness, the docudrama produced by the spiritual community Ananda. (27 minutes).

      MP3 version

Eben-AlexanderEben Alexander
Physician and Author

Dr. Eben Alexander is the author of Proof of Heaven. He survived a serious illness and while in coma had some incredible near death experiences when his brain was not capable of thought. He discusses some of these experiences during this interview. (20 minutes) He will be in Seattle in mid-June 2013. Information is at

Snatam-KaurSnatam Kaur
American Singer and Songwriter

Snatam Kaur talks about chanting as a spiritual practice and how music can help balance the brain. She also discusses her career as a food technologist and her recent changes in diet. Snatam will be in Seattle at the Center for Spiritual Living May 18 and at East West Bookshop May 19. For details on these and her Kundalini Yoga workshop visit

Dale-StubbertDale Stubbart
Yellow Bear Journeys

“We are about helping people to get whole and then many wonderful things follow after that,” said Dale Stubbart in this interview. Through his organization Yellow Bear Journeys, he assists people in many different ways including helping people find and live their life purpose. (15 minutes)

Carolyn Myss
Author and Teacher

Caroline Myss has just released a new book called Archetypes. In this interview with Krysta Gibson, Caroline explains what archetypes are, how we all use them unconsciously, and how we can begin to use this knowledge consciously to better our lives and relationships. (28 minutes).

Jamie Lemmon
Massage Therapist and Coach

Meet Jamie Lemmon who helps her clients balance mind, body, and spirit through massage, energy, words, and sound. Learn about her journey as well as how she works with her clients. (19 Minutes)


Christine Upchurch
Healer, Teacher, Writer

Christine Upchurch transitioned from working as a research scientist to healing herself from cancer, to being an energetic practitioner. Recently she unveiled new processes called the 111 Activation and the 222 Activation. In this interview she talks about her background, how she made the transformations she did, explains what happens during the Activations, and shares information about The Christine Upchurch radio show. (23 minutes) 425-999-9836

Cyndi Dale
Cyndi Dale

Author and Teacher

Known for her books on energy and the chakras, listen as Cyndi Dale discusses her new book Energetic Boundaries and talks about how you can project your best and highest energy! Full of knowledge and expertise, Cyndi also has a wonderful sense of humor. She is one of the presenters at the Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle February 14, 2013. (24 minutes).,

Richard Salva


Richard Salva
Author of “The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln”

The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, written by Richard Salva, gives a lot of information supportive of the idea that Charles Linberg was the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. In this interview Richard and Krysta talk about Abraham Lincoln, the new movie made about him, and how reincarnation can help a person in their spiritual path. (21 minutes).

Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears
Co-hosts of the Conscious Talk radio program

Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears talk with Krysta Gibson about what it’s like to work together 24/7, what some of their greatest challenges are, and how to regain or retain one’s health. Their show airs daily on KKNW 1150 am in the Seattle area and online at (22 minutes)


Cielito Pascual
Cielito Pascual has been practicing Transmission Meditation for over two decades

Transmisson Meditation: A service meditation to aid humanity. Cielito Pascual is an artist and entrepreneur who has been practicing Transmission Meditation with groups in New York City and in Seattle for over two decades. In this interview with Krysta Gibson she discusses what Transmission Meditation, what results it offers, and how to go about learning it. (22 minutes)

Marc Allen 
New World Library Publisher, author, and musician

He says he’s lazy and undisciplined but Marc Allen, New World Library publisher, is a bestselling author of eight books, four audio programs, and five music albums. In this interview with Krysta Gibson, he talks about his newest book, what he means by magic, and how he has accomplished so much in his life without working more than 20-30 hours a week! (22 minutes)


Mirabai Starr
, Author and Teacher

Mirabai Starr is an adjunct professor of Philosophy and World Religions at the University of New Mexico-Taos. Since her childhood, she was drawn to the heart of every spiritual tradition she encountered. In this interview, she discusses the difference between the interfaith movement and the interspiritual quest and gives ideas for those who want to walk the latter. (20 minutes)


Barbara Marx Hubbard,  Author and Teacher

Barbara Marx Hubbard has just released her eight book, Birth 2012 and Beyond. In 1984 she was one of the first women ever nominated for the vice-presidency of the United States and has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra. In this interview, she talks about finding one’s sense of purpose and how to move from ego to essence and gives some practical advice about how to deal with today’s intense energies. (23 minutes)


Swami Kriyananda,  Author and Teacher

Swami Kriyananda is one of the few living disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda who came to the United States from India in the 1920’s and who was a beloved and masterful teacher to thousands of students. In this interview, Kriyananda talks about some of the lessons he learned and talks about how listeners can apply these teachings to their lives. Swami is on a world tour promoting his most recent book The Biography of Paramhansa Yogananda. (There is another audio in these archives of an interview where Kriyananda talks about the organization he founded, the Ananda Church of Self-Realization.) (20 minutes)


Robert Moss,  Dreamer, Author, Teacher

Robert Moss is delightfully entertaining in this fast-paced conversation with Krysta Gibson. They talk about active dreaming, becoming a shaman, dealing with ancestors and addictions, and Robert’s views on the tarot. (20 minutes)




Brenda Miller,  Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher

What is the difference between a life coach, a counselor, and a mentor? Listen in as Brenda Miller explains the difference. She also talks about the concepts of Radical Awareness and Radical Forgiveness. (23 minutes)



Marc Nepo,  Writer, Poet, Teacher

Mark Nepo has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and shares his wisdom in this interview. Listen as he talks about how his challenge with cancer 30 years ago helped him become who he is and hear the advice he has for aspiring authors. (26 minutes)



Isha Judd,  Author and Teacher

Isha Judd is originally from Australia, now living in Uruguay and teaching around the world. She discusses concepts from her newest book Love Has Wings in this interview with Krysta Gibson. (20 minutes).


Kelly Probst,  Elephant Advocate

Did you know that elephants are in danger of becoming extinct? Did you know that it is because of poaching due to their ivory? Kelly Probst gives us some timely information and shares how we can get involved in saving the elephants. (21 minutes)


Robin Maynard-Dobbs, CC CHT  
Certified Hypnotherapist; licensed Facilitator of Eating Awareness Training

Robin Maynard-Dobbs Specializes in helping clients who want to come to peace with their body image and feel relaxed and at ease around food. In this interview she talks about the processes she uses with her clients and gives some practical ideas that can be applied right away. (24 minutes)



Linda Star Wolf, 
Creator of the Shamanic Breathwork Process and Author

Linda Star Wolf says we all have imaginal cells which will pull us into our future. Listen in as she talks to Krysta Gibson about shamanism, healing, and living in greater harmony. (30 minutes)



Renée Stephens, Author of Fulfilled

Renée Stephens has the most frequently downloaded weight-loss podcast on iTunes. In her book, she offers a “6-week weight-loss plan for changing your relationship with food – and your life – from the inside out.” In this interview with Krysta Gibson she discusses some of the concepts she teaches and explains how caring for ourselves is a spiritual practice. (22 minutes)


Gangaji, Spiritual teacher and author of Hidden Treasure

While in the midst of a retreat on Maui, Gangaji took some time to talk with Krysta Gibson about the process known as inquiry. Gangaji shared some practical ideas and ways that we can let go of our “stories” and live in greater peace and happiness. (26 minutes)


Nayaswami Padma McGilloway, 
Minister and Spiritual Director at Ananda Seattle

Is there a place for women and feminine energy within the Eastern guru traditions? Krysta Gibson met with Padma McGilloway to ask her this question as it relates to the Ananda Church of Self-Realization in Seattle. Ananda follows the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his line of gurus — all men. What are women to think when they see the photos of these five men — and no women — when they visit an Ananda church? (15 minutes)


June Blue Spruce, Shamanic Healer and Dreamer

June brings a nice blend of right and left-brain experiences to her work as a shamanic healer and dreamer and life coach. Listen as she explains how she works with people as well as giving some of her philosophical base. She explains that we are never alone and can work with spirits and ancestors who want to support us. (20 minutes)

Hear Krysta Gibson on The Manifesting Wellness Show
with Bente Hansen

January 4, 2012 – Listen to an interview

Krysta talks about aspects of her spiritual and personal life not shared on-air in the past as well as her perspectives on 2012 and what people need to do with today’s energies.

The Manifesting Wellness Show airs Wednesdays at 4:00pm EST on It also broadcasts on various radio stations via the Omni Network. The show is co-hosted by Rev. Bente Hansen, Jim Guerci and Bear Walker. The show’s focus is on showcasing numerous individuals who are committed to making a difference in the world through their various areas of expertise. Wellness and wellbeing are the main themes explored. To this end, guests from the States and overseas are invited to share their knowledge and skills in ways that are practical and relevant to the needs of a wider listening audience.

Joseph Selbie,
 Co-author of The Yugas

An ancient tradition from India that says that humankind’s development is cyclical rather than linear. The linear view says we evolved from caveman’s days and over time have become more technologically savey, etc… The yugas take a much different viewpoint,.Listen as Joseph Selbie explains the yugas, their possible connection to the Mayan calendar, and what it means to our everyday life. (27 minutes)


Shakti Gawain, Author of Living in the Light and Creative Vizualization

Most people who are walking the metaphysical spiritual path have read books by Shakti Gawain – her two most famous are Creative Visualization and Living in the Light. New World Library has just released the 25th anniversary edition of Living in the Light. During this audio interview Shakti talks about using intuition, exploring our dark sides, and how to handle today’s turmoil. (25 minutes)


Jill Bolte Taylor, 
Neuroanatomist and author of My Stroke of Insight

Listen as Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor explains what she learned as a result of her massive stroke ten years ago. Because of her expertise as a neuroscientist, she was able to bring back a deeper understanding of how our brains work and how this can apply to people walking a spiritual path. (20 minutes)


Living by Grace: Is it possible or is it just a fantasy?
Talk given by Krysta GIbson at the ANGEL Network Gathering Sept. 19, 2011

With humor and enthusiasm, Krysta talks about situations in her life where she learned how to live by grace more often and gives a four-point plan the listener can use to live this way. This talk was given at a restaurant and there are some related noises in the background. We have minimized them to the best of our ability. (35 minutes);



Sarah Thorpe, Clairvoyant Reading and Healing

Listen in while Sarah Thorpe explains how she works with energy and energy fields to support people in their life journey. Sarah also talks about how she was trained, her classes, and a technique which uses the image of a rose in order to transform a situation in your life. (17 minutes)


Jack Hawley, Author and Teacher

Jack Hawley studied the Bhagavad Gita, also known as the Hindu Bible, for over 25 years and read over 40,000 pages related to it before writing his translation of this spiritual classic. His book is called “A Walkthrough for Westerners.” In this interview with Krysta Gibson, he talks about how to study the book and how to apply some of the teachings to your daily life. (35 minutes)


Michael Tomlinson, Songwriter and Singer

Michael Tomlinson is an internationally- recognized singer and songwriter who is well-known and loved in the Pacific Northwest. In this interview with Krysta Gibson he talks about how he writes music, the song he wrote and recorded for Jimmy Carter, today’s music industry and more. With 10 CDs under his belt, Tomlinson has a lot to say about music and his creative process. (45 minutes)



Jena Hennessey, Owner of Moving Into Presence

Jena Hennessey has a business in Seattle that offers dance, Nia, martial movement, Breema, and self-healing. In this interview she tells Krysta Gibson about these practices and how movement can impact a person’s life and spiritual processes. (23 minutes).


Donna Eden, Author and Teacher

Dr. Mehmet Oz of Oprah fame is one of the most respected surgeons in the United States. Speaking to an international audience on the Oprah Show in 2007 he proclaimed, “The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.” Energy medicine works with a person’s energy system and consists of many different techniques that work with one’s chakras, aura, meridians, and other systems of energy in the human body. Donna Eden is an energy healer, author, and teacher who gives presentations and workshops to sold-out audiences. Respected physicians such as Bernie Siegel and Christiane Northrup rave about her abilities as a healer. An updated and expanded edition of her book Energy Medicine, which she wrote with her husband David Feinstein, Ph.D., came out for its 10th anniversary this year and is still a bestseller.


Krysta Gibson on Holistic Business
Blogtalk Radio: Look Who’s Talking: Conversation Matters

In this one-hour broadcast, Alaia Leighland interviews Krysta Gibson, asking about various aspects of operating a holistic business. Krysta shares some of her inspirational stories where she learned about trusting the universe and learning how to “put one foot in front of the other, move forward, and allow your good to unfold from within yourself.” Whether you own a holistic business or not, you’ll enjoy the insights and humor in this interview
Listen now


Eric Tingstad, Grammy Award Winning Musician

With around 20 albums listed on iTunes, who doesn’t know the name Eric Tingstad? From solo albums to collaborations with artists such as Nancy Rumbel, Eric has been delighting his fans since 1981. Listen in as this well-known and much-loved musician talks about his creative process, changes in the music industry, and some of his favorite musicians. (26 minutes)


William Wittmann, 
Life Coach, Alternative Healing, Cranial-Sacral Therapist

William Wittmann has over 40 years experience working with people and supporting them in their life and healing. In this interview, he talks about his background — he was involved with alternative healing before it became popular — and shares some of the things he does to support his own well-being. (23 minutes) and 


Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears
Conscious Talk Radio Hosts

IIn this interview you’ll hear Rob and Brenda talk about how they started their very successful radio show as well as talk about healing and world consciousness. Filled with great humor and compassion, these two wonderful people are light-filled leaders who have deep wisdom to share. (25 minutes)

David Lanz, Grammy-nominated musician and composer

David Lanz is one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest treasures. He has been sharing his delightful piano music for many years and came onto the music scene in a large way with his first album in 1985. David and Krysta Gibson, publisher of New Spirit Journal, chatted on the phone recently. Listen to them talk about David’s career, his most recent album LiverpoolReimagining the Beatles, his trip to England where he visited John Lennon’s home, and about the creative process. (34 minutes)


Jean Haner
Author, Consultant, and Teacher of Chinese Face Reading

Jean Haner is author of The Wisdom of Your Face and The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face. By learning how to read the features on our faces and that of people in our lives we can understand them better and have more compassion for everyone. There’s even a great tip if you are going on a job interview! (22 minutes) 


Dougall Fraser
Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Author

Dougall gave his first reading at the age of 8 and was named Best Psychic in Dallas by the time he was 20. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs talking about his abilities. In this interview he talks about what happens during a reading with him, how to spot fake psychics, and meditation and psychic development. Dougall has a great sense of humor and a very balanced approach to everyday spirituality. (24 minutes) 


Sue Neufeld-Ellis, LMHC, CSAT, RN

Sue Neufeld-Ellis has been a successful psychotherapist for over 25 years and brings spiritual awareness and sensitivity to her work with clients. In this interview we learn about some of the reasons people on a spiritual path might want to consider counseling as well as the various ways Sue works with her clients. (20 minutes)


Living Wisdom School

A School based on the Education for Life System

Nivritti Steenstra, School Director of the Living Wisdom School in Seattle, talks about this 40-year old school which offers accredited classes in a small class environment. Students are taught life skills such as the ability to concentrate and how to change their attitude and encouraged to reach their own highest potential. (15 minutes)



Tony D. Pool, O.D., Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Pool began his working career as an engineer but wasn’t satisfied. So, he went back to the University of Houston and got another degree; this time in Optometry. In this interview he explains what he does and how he approaches working with his clients in a holistic way. (16 minutes)


Nayaswami Kriyananda
Ananda Church of Self-Realization

This audio is the first in a series of interviews which will focus on various churches and spiritual organizations which might interest our listeners. Here we are speaking with the founder of Ananda, Nayaswami Kriyananda. He talks about his work with his guru Yogananda, the eight world-wide Ananda communities, and the goal of all true religions: Self-realization.


John and Jan Price, Founders of the Quartus Foundation and World Healing Day

Listen in as authors and teachers John and Jan Price – who have written 19 books between them – talk about how they wrote the book Super Beings, started the Quartus Foundation, and World Healing Day. Hear how John Price was introduced to metaphysics when W. Clement Stone handed him a copy of The Success System that Never Fails and what happened next.


Brother Nakulananda
Monk with Self-Realization Fellowship

Second in our series about spiritual homes, Brother Nakulanada represents the Self-realization Fellowship and explains their basic teachings, especially that of yoga and the world of duality in which we live. (18 minutes) 


Larry Rider
President, Northwest Intentional Communities Association

Intentional Communities are places to learn and grow and there are several in the Pacific Northwest. Listen in as New Spirit Journal’s Kwami Nyamidie talks to Larry Rider about some of the benefits and challenges to living in an intentional community. Musical background is Inner Peace by Nayaswami Kriyananda. Used with permission of Crystal Clarity Publishers. (22 minutes)


Judy Morley, Ph.D., RscP
United Centers for Spiritual Living

This continues our series about spiritual homes. Krysta Gibson spoke with Judy Morley who talks about the history of the Centers for Spiritual Living as well as giving an overview of the process of spiritual mind treatments. (22 minutes)..



Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway, 
Minister at Ananda Church of Self-Realization, Seattle

Listen in on this interview and learn why meditation is important to the spiritual path, what is a guru and why might you want one, and what is Kriya Yoga and how do you learn it. Hriman has been with Ananda for many years, is well-versed in their teachings, and shares a wealth of information in this interview.