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Krysta Gibson - New Spirit JournalKrysta Gibson

The only locally owned and operated publication of its kind, New Spirit Journal enjoys a solid reader and advertiser base that grows monthly. Since its beginning in May of 2005, New Spirit Journal has touched thousands of lives with its articles and advertising. As the print and online editions grow and expand, New Spirit Journal will continue to help readers create abundance in their relationships, finances, health, career, and inner lives.

Publishers Krysta Gibson and Rhonda Dicksion bring complementary skills and background experience to New Spirit Journal.

In 1985 Krysta Gibson quit her job in Point Roberts, Washington and moved to Seattle where she started the newspaper, The New Times. She didn’t know anyone in Seattle at the time, didn’t have much background in journalism, had never published a newspaper, and didn’t have any start-up funds.

What she did have was a vision. She was following inner guidance and even though it was a very difficult project she persevered. People showed up who believed in what she was trying to do and supported her in many seen and unseen ways.

Rhonda Dicksion

Award-winning graphics professional Rhonda Dicksion joined the team at The New Times in 1987. With her additional experience as a syndicated cartoonist, published author, and photographer, Rhonda helped the newspaper become more professional in its appearance and began writing music reviews and interviews.

By 1995, The New Times had a reader base of over 40,000 and was seen as the premiere publication of the alternative spiritual community in the Puget Sound area. Interviews with Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, John and Jan Price, Kryon, Iyanla Vanzant, Ram Dass, Julia Cameron, and other leading-edge thinkers graced the pages of the newspaper monthly.

Eventually, it was time to pass the baton to someone else and The New Times was sold in 1996. In the years following, The New Times changed its name to Evergreen Monthly and then to Conscious Choice. Ownership again changed, and publication ceased in 2009.

People often said they missed The New Times and the local community flavor it had provided for so long. After much soul-searching and talking to many people, Krysta and Rhonda decided to start a new publication in May of 2005.

New Spirit Journal, and this website, are the result.

In addition to New Spirit Journal, Krysta teaches and counsels, and is the author of two books, 22 Steps to Success (also published in Spanish) and The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox, as well as two CDs, Positive Self Talk for Family Caregivers and Embrace Your Day.

Rhonda runs a web design and graphics business, Indigo Dog Web Design and Graphics, specializing in creating custom websites and graphics for individuals and small to medium businesses.

Krysta and Rhonda share a deep commitment to making New Spirit Journal a place for everyone. Like its predecessor The New Times, New Spirit Journal welcomes diversity: contributors and readers from all backgrounds and philosophies are invited into this wonderful place where all can share, learn, and grow.

We invite you to come enjoy and explore.