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Neale-Donald-WalschGet to know
Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the bestselling Conversations with God book series discusses his newest book in this insightful and inspiring conversation with Krysta Gibson, publisher of New Spirit Journal. 

Hear the interview!


Get to know Nancy Rebecca

Nancy Rebecca, Intuitive MindNancy Rebecca is psychic, a healer, and has been initiated into the Zulu Sangoma Community in Africa. In this interview with Krysta Gibson of New Spirit Journal, Nancy explains her psychic mastery program, energy healing, and explains her unusual initiation into the Zulu healing community.

Hear the Interview!

New Spirit Journal - December 2014Read the December issue

Hello Friends!

It isn’t just the seasons that are changing this month – so are we! 

When you read the front page story of the December issue, you will discover we’re going green beginning January 1, 2015! 

As we’ve shared this news with people, most of the responses have been very positive. More and more people are accessing their information digitally and it is time for us to join the 21st century and stop using trees to share information with our readers. 
A few people have been disappointed because they prefer to hold the newspaper and don’t really care to read digitally. We understand this and have some of the same feelings. However, just as people who used to shoe horses in the early part of the last century had to change with the times as cars became more dominant, many print publications find ourselves in the same place.
Let me explain what you will find at beginning in the New Year.
You will not find a PDF version of this print publication. Instead, you will find links to articles, audios and videos! Several times a week, I will post on Facebook when I have added material to the site (follow us at New Spirit Journal). 
We’ll have weekly astrological updates from Mark Dodich, angel readings from Trisha Mahi, meditation tips from Hriman McGilloway at Ananda, life coaching tips from Brenda Miller, spiritual inspiration from Rev. Richard Loren from Unity of Lynnwood….oh, and so much more. I won’t spoil all the surprises. And all of it can be accessed from your mobile device!
Please tell your friends about this change and when you get your notice of the new format, please tell everyone you know to check us out! And if you own a business or know someone who does, please consider advertising using our banners that will be on the various pages. We have cut our rates in half to introduce the new site – so, now is a great time to get on board.
Go here to learn about the new rate structure and go here to learn about our new writer’s guidelines!
Please come to our Transformation Party
Saturday, January 24, 1-3 p.m.
with a blessing ceremony with Padma and Hriman McGilloway at 1:30.
The party is at Vision Quest Bookstore, 
3602 Colby Avenue, Everett, WA 98201. 425-252-1591.
Yes, there will be cake (gluten and gluten-free!).
These are exciting times of changing structures and we’re excited to be a part of it all. Thanks for being with us and hope to see you on the 24th!
Krysta Gibson,  Publisher 

Wednesday Inspiration - December 17, 2014

Who owns your life? by Krysta Gibson

Your first response is most likely, “I do, of course!” This is true. Technically, you do own your life. However, it’s also true that many times we give up ownership of our life to others without being aware we’ve done this. This can happen in many ways. One of the most common is giving up our opinions, preferences, and plans to others instead of standing up for ourselves and what works for us. Although it is true that relationships require compromise, if we find ourselves consistently being the one to compromise we might need to look at the issue. More…

(This is part of the Wednesday Inspiration series, a weekly email sent out from New Spirit Publisher Krysta Gibson to New Spirit’s online subscribers. Subscribe here) 

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New in the Music section

New Spirit Journal - Forever ChristmasForever Christmas
by David Lanz and Kristin Amarie

Reviewed by Krysta Gibson

You’ll want to put this album on repeat once you experience the combination of David Lanz’s unequaled loving command of the piano and Kristin Amarie’s amazingly clear and vibrant voice. They are accompanied by some musical friends: Eric Tingstad (guitar), Nancy Rumbel (woodwinds), Walter Gray (cello), Gary Lanz (guitar), Keith Lowe (bass), and Alonzo Davideo (guitar). The melding of all this talent creates an unusual Christmas album… more

Meet David Lanz and Kristin Amarie


David Lanz, well-known Grammy-nominated pianist and composer, and his partner Kristin Amarie have just released their Christmas album and will be performing in the Seattle area this week.

In this interview with Krysta Gibson, they discuss how the album came to be, and how they make the beautiful music they do! (20 minutes) and

MP3 version

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Looking for a great way to connect and network?

Good Company is a monthly networking lunch for people to learn together while also helping one another grow their businesses. Join us each month in Seattle, Lynnwood, or Monroe! Learn More…