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Ceremony by James HoodNew on the Music page:

Ronan Bennett reviews Ceremony by James Hood and Wonders by S.J. Tucker.  Read the Reviews…

Wednesday Inspiration  April 16, 2014

Are You Enthusiastic? by Krysta Gibson

“The most fortunate people on earth are those who live most of their lives in a state of energizing enthusiasm.” -Earl Nightingale

What about you? What are you enthusiastic about? It seems that most of the everyday details of our lives are pretty mundane. Not many hours of our days are spent in activities that engender enthusiasm. Who can get enthusiastic about washing dishes? Or commuting to work? Or changing the oil in one’s car? Boring, right? More… 

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Dari Lewis, LMP


Dari Lewis, LMP
Owner, Ananda Massage Training

Ananda Massage Training offers everything you need to become a massage therapist. LIsten as Dari Lewis, owner, talks about her background, why she started the school, and how you can go about becoming a massage therapist or getting your Washington State license if you are relocating here.

EastWestEast West Bookshop
6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

East West Bookshop in Seattle, Washington celebrates its 25th anniversary March 2, 2014. This store is a destination point for thousands of spiritual seekers. In this interview Krysta Gibson visits with some of the people involved in the early days as well as those currently involved.

New Spirit Journal interview: Dr. Craig Weiner and Alina FrankDr. Craig Weiner and Alina Frank
EFT Practitioners and Trainers

What is EFT and Tapping? Maybe you’re heard about this healing technique and wonder what it is all about. In the audio Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner explain the technique, how it works, and the benefits. More…

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Good Company is a monthly networking lunch for people to learn together while also helping one another grow their businesses. Join us each month in Seattle, Lynnwood, or Monroe! Learn More…

Wow, Thanks


Just wanted to give you a shout out and say THANK YOU for New Spirit journal email ads! This is twice now in a period of a few weeks where something has hit my inbox that resonated with me at just the right time, even though it was Something I didn’t know I was looking for (the first one was Divine Alignment Straightening – great session!…now Womb Awakening!)

YOU ROCK! Thank you for your service and smile. I listened to you on the Christine Upchurch radio show archives a few weeks ago and it was nice to put a voice to the name/face. —Jyll, Kirkland, WA.